We are genuinely interested in spreading information related to the benefits of donating organs to needy persons. Likewise, we recognize the compassion of those who take that step to save or improve another life. But, we want you to know that we are merely messengers of the need for organ donation, not participants in that process. We may also try to assist through grant aid based on each individual circumstance, where possible, with respect to facilitating non-medical donation related costs. While we don’t want you to think that we are endorsing organ donation or reception, or urging you to do so, or speaking to the safety of organ donation, we want you to know that we do greatly admire those who donate an organ to help improve the quality of another life and even save it. Like others, we consider such acts to be heroic and deeply compassionate. Yes! We do deeply appreciate the virtue of living organ donors and pass our appreciation along to you through our articles and website.

We at ALODF do tell anyone who approaches us for guidance on whether or not to donate an organ to make an independent and informed decision before doing so. But we are not medical or transplant experts. And so we urge you to inform yourself about the feasibility and soundness of donation as it relates to your specific situation and circumstances should you intend to donate an organ (or receive one). We also urge you not to be influenced in any manner by our sentiments on this subject. Part of informing yourself includes consulting a trusted doctor of your choice to seek guidance on medical matters. Assessing your finances, familial situation, special circumstances and employment, among other such considerations, are also important aspects of your decision-making process leading up to your organ donation (or reception). It is our strong belief and recommendation to any and all organ donors that it is never a good idea to permit anyone or any organization, including us, to influence your decision-making although you may seek valuable inputs from knowledgeable persons and professionals, including your own family members, towards that end.

While we make every effort to provide a full and complete assessment of the pluses and minuses of donating organs here, we do want to say that the basic information provided by us needs to be substantially supplemented with more specific information from external independent agencies such as your doctor, health care provider, hospital, and anyone you turn to for insurance or financial advice, among other such professionals. The genuineness and usefulness of that information with respect to your informed decision-making, as you will no doubt understand, is not our responsibility.

We do want to also add that our informational – and potentially aid-facilitating role – should not be taken as one making or providing any assurances or guarantees, otherwise called a warranty, in any manner, as to the success of donation procedures, or the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the information provided here or on our websites, or information supplied through internet links or references to other external agencies and their websites. Similarly, our willingness to provide aid for qualified donors is not to be taken as a guarantee or commitment on our part to do so in any and all cases. Rather view it merely as a possibility that we work to provide which may or may not materialize. Certainly you also understand when we add here that the information shared by us is not an endorsement of any entity, its transplant procedures or donation/reception success rates in any manner.

Finally, ALODF and its directors, officers and staff, as well as those of its sister entities indicated on our website, should not be viewed in any manner as urging you to take any risks with respect to donating (or receiving) an organ, particularly should you want to fill out an application sourced through our website to preliminarily explore donating an organ or applying for aid.​ 


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