In our first episode of Conversations with Living Organ Donors we will be talking with Katri Hunter.  She was part of a paired exchange donation in 2015.  Her story was featured in the Washington Post. You can find a link to the article here: Former D.C. United player gets critical assist from ex-girlfriend: A kidney donation

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In this short episode you will hear a segment from KONP NewsRadio of Port Angeles, Washington which aired on November 22, 2017.  Mr. Pepper Fisher did a 3 and a half minute story featuring an organ donor named Sasha.  In the segment you’ll hear what motivates someone like Sasha to donate an organ.  

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​In our second episode Anthony Henderson and I talk about his experience donating his kidney to his biological father after being estranged for many years.  

This episode is also a tribute from Anthony to his "bio dad", Mister Harold Pickel, who passed away a year from when we recorded this conversation.

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Conversations with Living Organ Donors

Picture above: Sasha and her soulmate Chad

​Picture above: Anthony Henderson and Harold Pickel during a follow up visit after the transplant.  "He gave me a chance to do something extraordinary that I could be proud of and carry that with me throughout my life" 


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Picture above: Former D.C. United midfielder Clyde Simms received a kidney from a donor in Indiana after Katri Hunter, his ex-girlfriend, entered the national registry. (Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)